Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Kim Lovejoy!

As promised, the following is an introduction of PTA Presidential candidate, Kim Lovejoy. She is a lovely person, inside and out!

In Kim's own words, here's a brief background about her, and her goals as a liaison between Ranch Creek parents and the staff & administration.

I have lived in Colorado for almost 3 years. I am the mother of a first grader and two preschoolers. I have a master's degree in Family Science and you can often find me teaching fitness classes at the local gyms.

I have been a member of the RCAC (Ranch Creek Accountability Committe) for the last two years where I have been able to develop positive relationships with school administration and staff members. I have been invited to attend small group meetings about programs occurring within the school and district, including the report card pilot and Ranch Creek site plan review.

Education is extremely important to me, whether it is teaching preschool co-ops for my kids, learning and encouraging Suzuki violin with my 6 year old, volunteering in the classroom, or understanding how our local school runs. I am committed to helping you and your children get the most out of the next two years at RCE.

One of my main goals as PTA president is to encourage the implementation of a school event/fundraiser in which all or most of the funds earned return to the school. I believe that the PTA can be an integral part of keeping RCE as one of the top performing and most desired schools in district 20 and the state of Colorado. I would also like to continue the past efforts to foster positive parent-teacher relationships at RCE and encourage ongoing, open communication between the staff and families of Ranch Creek students. It is my hope that we can build upon the efforts of the previous PTA making your connection with your child's teacher and school administration a valued and appreciated relationship.

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