Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Official, Unofficial Welcome!

You’ve probably seen me around Ranch Creek. I’m a mom with four kids – ages seven & under, who in 2010, attempted to keep my baby from crawling on stage during the Veteran’s Day program, rocked out with said baby on my hip at the Fall Family Dance {ah yeah!}, arrived late to each PTA meeting I was able to make it to, and cheered perhaps a little too loudly for my girls during Field Day.

I have a second grader and a first grader.
I love them to death.
I have the same wishes for them as I’m sure you do for your children.

I want them to love school. I want them to have fun. I want them to be good friends to each other and to all the kids around them. I want them to be pushed academically. I want them to find something they excel at. I want them to be praised for their accomplishments, and encouraged in their struggles. I want them to be grounded physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I want them to be successful. I want them to be compassionate, and I want them to be confident.

I wish I could be a little fairy watching over them at all times to ensure all of these wishes come true…but alas, I can’t be in four places at once…so I have to trust that they are in good hands at Ranch Creek.

I believe they are.
I love our school.
I support our staff.

But I wanted another way that I can feel more connected. More connected to the inner workings of the school. More connected to the decisions that will affect the way my children are taught and guided. More connected to the parents of my children’s friends. More connected to you!

I feel that together, we can
1.{and most importantly} Create a forum for volunteer and support.
2. Create a voice asserting what we want our children’s experience to be.
3. Create a medium to address any issues of concern.

I also hope that teachers and staff will feel welcome here! That they can feel of our support for them, and share with us some of the amazing things they are doing in their classrooms!

So, without further adieux, I want to OFFICIALLY welcome you to the totally UNOFFICIAL Ranch Creek Elementary Parents Blog!
Let the blogging begin!

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  1. Great idea Cumorah! I love this! We do have a great school with a lot of excellent teachers, and having a parent community that is involved definitely makes a school even better! Thanks for doing this!